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Calgary is Home to World's First Drive-through Funeral Service

Located next to Calgary's Fun-Park.

(SNN) – Long time Calgary funeral director Mort McCarcass has opened the doors of the world's first drive-through funeral service. McCarcass, who recently obtained a franchise under the NewDiggs Funeral Services, has created a full service drive through, which includes, a loved one remains deposit slot, mourners viewing window and a video eulogy recorder complete with free wifi. “It really is a family friendly service,” boasted McCarcass. Newdigg's opened for business earlier this week, and it has already reported that business is brisk. “Since Monday, we have had twenty two deposits,” added McCarcass.

The drive-through operates similar to a fast food chain. A menu greets the surviving family and a greeter communicates through an intercom system. For viewers, the menu lets you select which of Newdigg's deceased you which to view. Curtains over the window automatically open when a car pulls up, and mourners get three minutes to view a body as music plays overhead. McCarcass says his drive-through allows people the convenience of honouring the deceased without all the fuss. “For further convenience, we accept all major credit cards,” stated McCarcass, “except American Express, the service charges will kill you.”

Newdiggs Funeral Home is known for pushing the limits. They caused a controversy when one operator from Leader, Saskatchewan was sued by the "Feline Advocacy Group of Saskatchewan" for an offensive newspaper advertisement. The advert depicted a dog digging a hole with the tagline reading, “Don't let your best friend choose your final resting place, plan ahead,” and "We Put our Back into it, Will You?" The case was settled out of court for a case of gluten free kitty snacks, a scratching post, and a coupon for a free casket liner.

Calgary's McCarcass' Newdiggs Funeral Home is located at 245037 Range Road 33, just off the TransCanada Highway, “We are next door to Calaway Park, “Your Playcation Destination," concluded McCarcass.

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