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Prima donna: Kanye West Harrasses Handicapped Fans to Stand Up During Concert.

Develops reputation for stopping concerts for little reasons.

(SNN) - Once again fussy rapper Kanye West stops another one of his concerts in an attempt to micro manage his surroundings. In his latest concert in Australia, calling for his audience to stand during his performance, West attempted to bully and humiliate two handicapped fans. Getting his audience to chant, “Stand Up”, repeatedly and citing that “I can't do this show until everybody stand up. Unless you got a handicap pass and you get special parking and s**t." West was gracious enough to excuse one handicapped fan when a woman removed her prosthetic leg and waved it in the air. 

West has stopped many concerts for various excuses.

In a concert in Dublin, he stops a song to complain about a fan tossing a small coin on the stage. In San Antonio, he tosses a fan out for using a laser pointer, and in concerts at Philadelphia and Tampa he stops the concerts over lighting issues, chastising the lighting-crew for either not having all the lights on, or not hitting him properly.

“Kanye West stops song because of thrown coin live in Dublin
during Good Life Watch the Throne Tour”

“Kanye West stops show in Tampa, FL during
performance to chastise Lighting Crew”

Whatever the reason for his lack of performance continuity, it appears that when a fan goes to his concerts they are not surprised when West has a hissy fit.

But that may be why his concerts are so well attended. Similar to motor-sports, many people watch races only to see the car wrecks.

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