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Health Alert: Outdoor Air Connected to Deaths

WHO Report Cautions on the Effects of Breathing Air

(SNN) - Outdoor Air, found in most parts of the world, could cause death when breathed by humans. That's the warning issued today by retired molecular biologist Chips O'Toole, formerly of the World Health Organization, WHO.

O'Toole has published an eye-opening report that details this warning and calls for rigorous scientific testing on fish before any further air is breathed by humans. The gases that make up air, nitrogen (78.09%) and oxygen (20.95%), can enter the lung cavities of humans, advised O'Toole. The WHO was quick to release an addendum to the O'Toole Report that provided a startling revelation. It states that once the outdoor air breaches the lungs, some amount of gasses enter the blood stream and can, in time, cause atrophy and death.

“This report is startling,” stated Candy Striper, Nancy Britches,“it explains why some people die.”

The O'Toole Report research, that spans over 40 years, revealed alarming death rates associated with breathing outdoor air. According to the report, breathing outdoor air accounted for over 51,000,000 deaths per year making it the number one cause of human illness and death.

The report indicates death from breathing air is slow, and that most people succumb to it between the ages of 70 to 90 years of age.

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