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NK's Kim Buys Fake US Moon Landing Set

Photo: Graphics weren't as good back then.

(SNN) - North Korea's brain trust, fashion leader and Dictator-for-Life, Kim Jong-un, is reported to have bought the contents of the studio where the American government created the fake images of the Apollo moon landing.

The studio had been sealed with all the original props and equipment still in place by order of Richard Nixon, who was temporarily President of the United States. Because Nixon was impeached, his executive orders were automatically rescinded, although the vast majority were restored by substitute President, Gerald Ford. The one protecting "Studio F", as it was called, was somehow missed, however.

"It is amazing that no one noticed the paperwork snafu," chuckled Head of Record Keeping for the Whitehouse, Lester Wickleticker, "After a couple decades the ownership of it went to the City of Detroit. They were supposed to get a mothballed armoured personnel carrier but the requisition was improperly coded."

Wickleticker went on to say that a secret meeting was held featuring envoys from North Korea and representatives from Detroit's bankruptcy liquidators. A deal was struck which transferred all the fake Apollo assets to the Koreans in exchange for a sizeable contribution to the city's debt repayment efforts.

"According to our internal reports, Kim wanted the equipment to fake his own moon landing for propaganda purposes," said Wickleticker. "It seems there are no depths to which that country's leadership will sink to mislead their nation."

Unaltered Photo: Some Rights Reserved by Sir Mildred Pierce  flickr photostream, The Sage nor this article endorsed. The original image can be found here

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