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Quebec Porn Star Wins New Implants on Canadian Game Show

(SNN) - The name Zoe Zebra became a household name in Quebec, when the thirty-something porn star won new breast implants in the QBC game show, “Toutes les Boules étoiles Hors” also known as "Kitty-Kitty Bang, Bang".

According to a QBC spokesperson, Zebra is the first contestant to win the coveted award that has been dubbed by the press as “The Quebec Cup.” It was reported that “Kitty-Kitty Bang, Bang” is into its seventh episode and no less that 14 woman from all over Quebec having tried to win the prize, with only Zebra making it through all twenty-five rounds. “Yes, we are very proud to award the new breast implants to Ms. Zebra,” advised Rogier Favre, from QBC, “it was touch and go for many who witnessed the feat.”

It has been reported that the contestant had to have sex with 25 men in order to win breast implants. “She was given the option to just go for the stuffed bear, but she really had her eye on the prize,” advised Favre.

The broadcasts, which took place at a small television studio in Batardville, PQ., came under fire from the local parish that has been trying to stop the show. “There are no town ordinances violated and no zoning laws that prohibit such an entertainment event in Batardville,” advised Mayor Guy Poutine, "We just can't invent regulations as we go."

Many who have commented on the show questioned why Zebra would participate in such an event, calling the porn star a "victim," while others said it gives Batardville a bad name.

The 30-minute television series is planning to wind-up the season with just two more episodes and has been picked up for another year.

When called upon for a comment, Ms. Zebra had this to say, "It was a hard day."

Image: Some Rights Reserved by Maria Gumaraes flickr photostream, The Sage nor this article enbdorsed. The original image can be found here.

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