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Controlled Burns Cited as a Method to Save the Boreal Forest

CO2 levels cited as cause for reduced Poplar and Ash trees.

(SNN) - The Global Alliance of Environmental Studies (GAES) from Orsay, France, released a shocking report that indicated that trees, specifically those of the Northern Hemisphere have developed stunted growth, and deadfall is at an all time high. The release goes on to say that the cause of the reduced “tree life” was directly related to a lack of carbon dioxide required to sustain the tree development. “It is not all trees that have been affected,” stated Jermaine Verte, a GAES spokesman. “It has only affected “Sorbus aucuparia”, the Mountain Ash and the “Populus.” Specifically, the Russian Poplar.” The report concluded with a warning that both the poplar and the ash are in danger of becoming extinct.

Carbon Dioxide levels cited as the cause.

According to the report, world carbon dioxide levels are at an all-time low. “The levels are actually so low that photosynthesis has been stunted and the trees cannot absorb enough Co2 to exchange for oxygen,” stated Verte. “The problem is that both species of trees, Ash and Poplar are in direct competition with all forms of evergreen also common in the Northern Hemisphere.” Verte added that there is barely enough carbon dioxide in the Northern Hemisphere to go around. “If this were South America, these trees would flourish.”

In response to the “Orsay Report on Climate Activity” (ORCA), a United Nations panel has provided a paper on a possible solution. If accepted by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), the plan will be implemented during the winter months, both in Germany and Canada, where the largest forests of evergreens such as Pine, Fir and Spruce grow and are in direct competition with the Russian Poplars and Mountian Ash.

According to the IPCC paper, the plan will be to conduct controlled burns of the evergreen population in Canada and Germany. “This will reduce the competition for CO2 and at the same time expel carbon into the atmosphere,” stated Verte. “It is believed that we only need to burn four million hectares (15,000 sq/mi) of evergreen forests for the next five years to emit carbon dioxide and bring the levels up to sustain the Poplar and Ash population.

The plan has received the nod of approval from Forest Conservation Organizations such as “Trees for the Generations”, “Forest Morality” and the “Global Forest Guard.”

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