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New Breathing Device to Virtually Stop Global Warming

Vermont based Atmosfear Announces Breakthrough in Carbon Capture

(SNN) - A recent study by the Climate Reality Group (CRG) of Long Beach, California revealed that the only way to stop the human impact on Global Warming is to stop the number one cause of human carbon dioxide emissions – breathing.

“Obviously we cannot physically stop human breathing,” advised CRG scientist Peter Torche, “but we did actually consider that as a way to save the planet.” According to the CRG, they have been working on a device that virtually stops the expulsion of CO2 by humans. “Carbon is accumulated by human activity in two ways,” advised CRG spokesperson, Mary Lamb. “First by expelling Carbon Dioxide (CO2) through breathing, and secondly, by exhausting Carbon Monoxide (CO) through combustion.

According to this study, breathing is the number one contributor of Climate Change, and it accounts for 3.6 Trillion Kilograms (3,675,000,000,000) of carbon per year. That is based on the average person expelling by breathing 525Kg/yr of carbon. “With the world population of over seven billion people and rising you can see we needed to come up with a solution,” advised Lamb. “To visualize this amount would be to say that if we could pile the carbon in one spot, it would amount to the size of a small mountain,” advised Lamb. She added, “The average mountain weighs just over 90 Trillion Kilograms.”

The study revealed that the United States accounts for 173 Billion Kilograms of carbon per year (173,250,000,000), being the third largest complier of carbon by population in the world with China being the number one influence on Climate Change. By comparison, Canada lands in at number thirty-seven, contributing just over 18 Billion Kilograms of carbon per year.

New breathing system could stop Global Warming

An American carbon off-set project developer has announced the answer to reducing human expelled carbon emissions. Vermont based Carbon Off-set company Atmosfear has announced a device dubbed, the “Reverse Emission System,” or RES. The breathing device collects over 99.9% of carbon from expelled breath, and only allows oxygen from being released into the atmosphere. Similar to a gas mask, instead of protecting the wearer from noxious gasses, the device protects the earth from noxious human breath. “The system is fool proof,” advised Robert Chalmers, Project Manager on the RES initiative, “The device, when sealed over the face, collects the carbon in disposable filters.”

According to a press release from Atmosfear, the filter lasts one week and can be disposed of like normal household trash. The breathing device (see image right) is comfortable enough to be worn twenty four hours a day, and is water proof so it can be worn in the shower or on the beach swimming or tanning. At a cost of just over $1,000 dollars (US), the device is expected to be distributed to every American citizen by 2018.

“There are two ways to get the device,” advised Chalmers, “If anyone purchases $2,000 (US) in Carbon Off-sets for research and development, a RES will be mailed to them, free of charge.”

Chalmers advised that a bill has been introduced into the Library of Congress that will compel the use of the RES. “It looks very promising,” advised Chalmers, “preliminary readings has indicated that the bill will be favorably received, and may be law by 2018.”

Currently, the United States is the only nation that has committed to the RES; however, reports indicate that Canada, the United Kingdom and India have made efforts towards legislating the use of the “Reverse Emission System.”

Top Photo: Some Rights Reserved by Paul Bratcher flick photostream, The Sage nor this article endorsed. The original image can be found hereImage: Some Rights Reserved by Jason Form flick photostream, The Sage nor this article endorsed. The original image can be found here.

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