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Canuck Stars Bike to Bakersfield to Protest Tar Sands

Photo: Possibly an actual Canadian celebrity

(SNN) - In response to the flood of Hollywood celebrities such as Leonardo DiCaprio, Peter Jackson and doddering rocker Neil Young, touring Alberta's Fort McMurray heavy oil projects, a number of famous Canadian actors are cycling to Bakersfield, California to protest the filthy tar sands in that state.

They are riding bikes to differentiate themselves from those that fly up to 'Fort Mac' in fossil-fuelled aircraft and drive around in four-wheel drive Hummers to protest someone else's carbon footprint.

Canuck celebrities from that guy who was on that news program; The National or maybe Front Page Challenge all the way to biggees like that Brent fellow who was on some mosque show are all part of the entourage.

One huge Canadian star, whose name eludes us, was quite candid in a recent interview about the bicycle convoy.

"We're all pretty excited about the trip," claimed Whatshisname. "We even made the evening news in Butte, Montana, which is the most viewership any of us has ever received at any one time."

"We believe that our message of fairness and equality amongst pollution picketers is a good one," said John or Jim... something like that. "In fact, to help save the planet, we are offering to protest our own Canadian bitumen projects if you Americans would start protesting your own tars sands industry. We find it amazing you have to send Californians all the way to Canada to protest when you have an even worse GHG emitter right in their own backyards."  

Unaltered PhotoSome Rights Reserved by Richard Masoner  flickr photostream, The Sage nor this article endorsed. The original image can be found here

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