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Greg Benson: A 'Mediocre' Actor with a Massive Following.

In "Redneck Translator Douchebaggery"

(SNN) - Greg Benson, comedian, producer, and writer is one funny man. Watching Greg Benson at work makes a viewer feel like they are in on the joke. Whether Benson is pushing a microphone in your face, interviewing Cosplay Girls, pranking fast food window attendants, or vlogging in traffic, you get the sense that he should be hosting the Tonight Show.

Benson has that presence, the same 'something' that viewers detected in Nick Cannon and Arsenio Hall. It cannot be defined, it just is.

Benson, the comedian, actor, and director, broke out into the public's eye in 2005 when he published his Mediocre Films website, eventually creating a Youtube channel with the same name. That move proved to be a defining moment when he produced a video titled, “Greg Hits Hollywood” a video short which features Benson interviewing strangers as a pretext for hitting them with his microphone as a test to discover what people will put up with in order to be on TV.

If recognition adds cred to his work, Benson's first video, "Coming Home", was chosen by customers as one of the top five videos of the Amazon/Tribeca Film Festival's short films division. Following up that success his video "Phone Call to God" took second place in the best comedy division at the 2006 Evil City Film Fest.

Benson's MediocreFilms Youtube Channel has become a mainstay for online viewers. Featuring a vast array of films including Benson playing a yiddish Cosplay Interviewer Bleshmin Yechin, a man on the street reporter, to the production of “The Ponceman's” Retarded Policeman. Benson is able to draw out the attention from the everyday person to celebrities.

In a recent video title, “Redneck Translator Douchebaggery”, you are witness to comedian Tom Mabe and Benson pranking a McDonald's drive-thru attendant. Mabe uses thick 'redneck' gibberish to place an order while Benson acts as a translator. The interaction, embarrassing and genuinely funny is a sample of what entertainment is becoming, off the cuff, spontaneous and reality based.

It is the public that make or break celebrity status, and the numbers don't lie. Greg Benson and his Youtube Channel have close to 1.3 million subscribers. With a fan base that strong, one day you may see Greg Benson host late night television.

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