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Long Running TV Newscast "W5" to be Replaced

News magazine "WTF" to start this Fall in same time slot

(SNN) - A bombshell fell on the CTV today when a disgruntled Grip leaked that the longstanding Canadian Television News show “W5” was being reformatted into a more trendy news broadcast titled "WTF". The tweet, twerked its way into the web at a rate of 700 retweets per hour, which landed into the mailbox of television producer Robere Hoerest who released the following; “The rumour that the cast of W5 will be replaced is false. Rebranding existing TV shows is nothing new for the CTV. The new platform will be called the World Telegram Forum, and branded as "WTF"”

Social media lit up on Facebook and Google+ with memes advising “WTF W5 is SOL!”

Hoerest neither confirmed nor denied.

In response to the news, a gobsmacked "W5" presenter, Floyd Robinson, stated, “WTF?” Co-presenter, Fandie Horaldo, blurted out “WTF! I thought the change to W-FIVE was stupid back in the 90's”

By the end of the business day, CTV executives along with Hoerest, Horaldo and Robinson negotiated a compromise and decided on changing the show to "W6". Sticking with the same format that has served the Canadian audience since 1966, "W5", which referred to the Five Ws of journalism, "Who, What, Where, When and Why", will be modified for a more hip audience.

“Watch for W6 on CTV, this fall” concluded Hoerest.

Photo (cropped): Some Rights Reserved Lynne Featherstone by flickr photostream, The Sage nor this article endorsed. The original image can be found here.

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