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New Phone App Puts 'Selfies' In Historic Pics

Photo: Here I am in the US Civil War

(SNN) - Software developer, Appsolutely Fabulous, announced Thursday, that a new downloadable program has been added to their suite of cool applications. This one, called “You Can Make History”, will automatically photoshop your selfies into historic pictures of great moments in history.

“We all want to be Forrest Gump to a certain degree,” said head developer Norbert Colbert. “You know, being a part of momentous moments in the past. This app will allow you to do just that. Your image will be placed into whatever royalty-free picture you can find on our site, most pre-dating 1920. They're all black and white, unfortunately, but maybe you can get Ted Turner to colorize them for you.”

Not everyone is a fan of the new phone application, however. A number of noted historians have come forward with their unhappiness with the new product.

“I think that this tends to trivialize important historical milestones rather than glorify them,” said Harold Harrumphries, Head Historian for the now-defunct Association of Encyclopedia Publishers of the World. “It is important to study the past, learn from the past and honor the past and forget what the future holds for us. The past was great. For example, people needed encyclopedias back in the past before that cursed Internet.”

The new phone app was a hit with a number of people in impromptu interviews in a local mall.

“Cool! Here’s me signing some important document!” enthused one first-timer with the app. “I look great in a top hat!”

Altered Photo: Some Right Reserved by Marion Doss flickr photostream, The Sage nor this article endorsed. The original image can be found here

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