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Young university student publicly declares her hatred towards Jews.

VIDEO: MSA member, UC San Diego chapter confronts David Horowitz.

(SNN) – Antisemitism is alive and well, and in this case is faudulently cloaked behind a religion that is trying to regain its peaceful place.

In 2010, controversial conservative speaker and editor of the FrontPage Magazine, David Horowitz, speaking at UC San Diego, was confronted by a young woman during a question period. The woman, identifying herself as Jumanah Imad Albahri and declaring herself a member of the MSA (Muslim Student Association), in the same breath informed the speaker that they were organizing the “Annual Hitler Youth Week” at the university and asked him to clarify his declared connection between the MSA and terrorists networks like the Muslim Brotherhood and Hamas.

Horowitz answered her by asking the young woman what seemed like a simple, and almost polite question, “Would you right here and now condemn Hamas as a terrorist organization?”

To understand the set-up of this tense encounter one needs to have a few facts:

  • First, Hamas is a terrorist organization that was denounced by Canada, Australia, the UK, The EU, Egypt, Japan, United States and Israel; It is an organization that shares this earned distinction with Hezbollah. Together, these organization are responsible for terrorist acts killing innocent non-combative lives.
  • Second, the MSA's, “Annual Hitler Youth Week” is a rally where students from the UC San Diego, dressed in Muslim garb, gather and march the campus holding signs that state, “God Bless Hitler.” Adolf Hitler needs no introduction, but for the sake of clarification is responsible for the largest war crime record in recorded history, including his blatant antisemitic policy that condemned millions of civilians to their deaths by gunshot, gas chambers, torture, medical experiments and starvation.

With these facts now to the front, with the speaker waiting for an answer, this young lady pauses, and says, “Are you asking me to put myself on a cross?” Horowitz repeats the question, now interjecting the Hezbollah by saying, “I am a Jew, and the head of Hezbollah has said that he hopes we will all gather in Isreal so he does not have to hunt us down globally.....” Horowitz then raises his voice and says, “FOR IT or AGAINST IT?”

This young woman leans into the microphone and says, “For it.”

Following her public exposure, Ms. Albahri addressed her position in a blogpost on the website titled, “For Truth, For Justice, For Peace”, in an effort to clarify her position. Unfortunately, it revealed that she possesses ignorance couched in a moral relativism that is at the heart of so much of the civil unrest we have witnessed since 2010. Did Ms. Albahri condemn Hamas and Hezbollah in her blog? (Read it Here)

No she did not:

“Insofar as my references to Hitler and the Nazi Youth programs: it was Mr. Horowitz who spent a substantial amount of time referring to the MSA as the “Hitler Youth” and its Justice in Palestine Week as “Hitler Youth Week”— pejorative titles that as a human being, a student of history, and a person of faith, I find disgusting. I uttered them in a sarcastic manner only to point out the ridiculous and slanderous nature of Mr. Horowitz’s labels—Nazis sought the extermination of anyone who was not “white,” and this racial category excludes the vast majority of the Muslim population.”

In any event, this encounter is not a condemnation of Islam as a faith. It is an example of how radicalism can be so jaded as to ignore the spirit of any doctrine in order to feed a racial hatred. In this case, her chapter of the MSA believes that Allah should save Adolf Hitler, and the Hezbollah should have free access to all Jews in one spot for the purpose of their final solution. Sound familiar?

Image: Screen Capture of Jumanah Imad Albahri asking a question of speaker David Horowitz.

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