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Blondie returns as a web trending 'mathamatinksion'

Why does content go viral?

(SNN) – What can only be seen as a pending divorce, a husband video tapes his wife struggling with a simple math question dealing with time and distance. Identifying his wife as Chelsea, and posing the question, “Chelsea, if you are traveling 80 miles per hour (mph) how long will it take to go 80 miles?” What occurs is Chelsea overthinking the problem, and the husband lavishing in his momentary intellectual prowess over his wife. Chelsea does not come up with the proper answer, and the video ends with her husband giggling like a little girl as he reveals the answer, while she concludes by disagreeing with the results.

Funny? Yes, but more sad than humorous.

Posted on Facebook, the video meme has gone viral as the comments reach over three hundred and the shares are now up to twenty-six hundred.

The video was originally posted on Youtube by Matt Spkak (Youtube Channel Name) and picked up and uploaded to Facebook by India's Premier Electronic Dance Music Radio Station “The Movement,” a channel with over 1 million followers on Facebook alone.

Why is Chelsea becoming a WebCeleb?

Chelsea has become an object being used by the online community to make others feel better. It is said that viral content spreads because it teaches and shares an important message. In fact, the real reason content goes viral is because it hits one of the following criteria:

  1. It reinforces a belief system or a position the content sharer holds close.
  2. It conveys to others that the sharer is smart and well informed, thus boosting the share'rs ego.
  3. It conveys knowledge that is perceived as valuable by the sharing community.

In the case of Chelsea, our mathematician, it hits on two of the three criteria. It reinforces a belief system; that being “Wow, I am so glad I am not as dumb as she is perceived”; and by exposing the content by sharing, it fulfills a second criterion by conveying “Look, I am smarter than her and I will prove it by sharing her embarrassment.”

Comments from those sharing reinforce these criteria:

  • “The most impressive thing to me is she can run a mile in an hour.”
  • “She made my head hurt.”
  • “Does she do drugs??”
  • “What if you traveled in the opposite direction of the earth's rotation? Would it take longer? I had this girl's sister in math for health professionals in college.”
  • ... and “Oh...dude, I would say I'm sorry but you did say she's your wife. Were you drunk the entire time you dated each other?”

Chelsea, if you are reading this, please know that you were ambushed by your 'loving' husband, something that can happen to anyone. In any event, enjoy your webceleb status while its lasts.

For those struggling with the answer to the question - “One Hour”

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