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Family Diner in Alberta Enforces "Muzzle Your Child" Policy

Business increased three-fold.

(SNN) - A popular restaurant in Edmonton, Alberta (CA) has offended parents with a sign they posted that states “Loud Obnoxious Children will be Muzzled and Removed to a Quiet room.”

Le Rustre Cafe's policy remained unnoticed since posted early July until one family of six got caught up with the policy when their seven-year-old daughter began to fight over a biscuit with her younger brother. “At first the mother asked her daughter to let her brother have the biscuit,” said one diner who wished to remain anonymous. “When the daughter refused, the mother then said to the son, let your sister have it!” According to witnesses, the children then began to yell at each other, both claiming that “Mom said I could have it!” What ensued was a melee between the two that involved a slap from the boy, followed by crying and then food tossed between the children while the parents went on as if nothing was happening.

The parents outraged

“I couldn't believe what the waiter did with our children!” seethed Mrs. Berta Berechtigt. “Without any notice, he took my children by the earlobes, and walked them into the kitchen area.” According to Berechtigt, the children were placed into a walk-in cooler, and not returned for five minutes later when other patrons were still cheering.

“It is not a cooler,” stated restaurateur Manuel Chier, “it is a small sound proof room, complete with chairs and breathing holes.” Chier added, “I only wish for my patron's to enjoy a quiet dinner without brats spoiling the evening.” According to Chier, since the incident was shared on Twitter by Mrs. Berechtigt business has increased three-fold.

Is the sign implied consent?

According to one legal adviser the sign prominently displayed at the entrance and the act of the parents taking possession of a table in the cafe is implied consent for the children to be “Muzzled and Removed” if they become loud and obnoxious.

The Berechtigt's have engaged a lawyer and they are looking into action against Manuel Chier. “Their actions just ain't right,” stated Mrs. Berechtigt, “From now on we will only be eating at Chucky's.”

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