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Kim Jong-un & Obama In Dance Vid For Charity

So You Think You Can Dance Korea

(SNN) - Ready to have your mind blown? Kim Jong-un, Korea’s cruel and ruthless dictator and President Barack Obama, leader of the once free world, have combined to make a dance video for charity. The 'vid' was shot to the pulsing tempo of Chinese mega-band, The Chopstick Brothers’, featuring a medley of their big hit, “BaracKim Sock’em Dancebots”.

According to Obama, in a press release that was immediately labelled a hoax, the President had agreed to doing the video with Kim after a visit to Colorado. Obama admitted he thought the other performer was going to be hip hopper L’il Kim when he signed the contract to perform. Still, according to the report, the President was pleased with the end product and amazed he could still ‘bust a move without busting a hip’.

“I had no idea Mr. Obama was such a magnificent dancer,” gushed Bruno Tuna- Casseroli, who claims to be a judge on a hit TV show featuring dancing with stars. “It’s Kim that really steals the video, though. Fabulous!!”

The charity to which the two world leaders agreed to donate the proceeds, is the Food Bank of North Korea, which is the second largest employer in the nation behind only the North Korean military.  Sadly, the Korean head could not be reached for comment as he was in his room pouting.   

Image: Screen Capture from Youtube Video featured here. Some Rights Reserved by Mr6338 Channel

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