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The Coolest Vid in Decades

OK Go's 'The Writing's On the Wall' Rocks Like it's 1980 Again

(SNN) - Musically speaking, I am a throwback; a dinosaur mired in the tarpit that is the music scene of the 60's, 70's and 80's. I remember when MTV was launched and the low rent ripoff, MuchMusic, was quickly created as a poor northern substitute, which is the Canadian way. I recall in the early 80's it would be cool to go to a bar and watch rock videos with a group of friends. Our favourite videos were the trippy ones; Bonnie Tyler's Total Eclipse of the Heart, Ah Ha's "Take On Me", and Dire Straits' "Money For Nothing".

Then smartphones and iPods happened. Rather than wait for their favourite videos, people would have them on their devices, available instantly. MTV and Much stopped featuring videos. I stopped watching them all together.

Until now. I was catching a few chuckles on; a site that features funny pictures and amateur vids, mostly of people failing while biking, skateboarding, or dressing for Walmart shopping. I happened to come across a video by a band called OK Go. I had recalled seeing a video by the same group a few years ago which had the band doing their song while engaged in synchronized treadmill dancing. It was a hoot. I decided to check out their latest video. I figured if the music sucked, I could always just turn off the sound and watch the images.

Instead, I was treated to the most amazing, imaginative and creative music video I had ever seen. The song that accompanied the vid, called "Writing on the Wall", was bouncy, catchy and the coolest new ditty I had encountered in decades. And I'm a big fan of bouncy ditties! It became an instant earworm. You really have to check this one out for yourself.


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