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Bacon Hype Linked to Anti-Semitism - Will It Be Banned?

Photo: Bacon Burger Like a Boss - Recipe Below

(SNN) - According to noted Harvard culinary psychologist, Professor Arnold Shoat, the recent rise in the public profile of bacon can be directly attributable to subtle racism. Bacon extremism has become a method of marginalizing non-pork eating cultures from the mainstream; so therefore, the practise should be banned..

"You've all seen it in every type of media; countless examples of hyper-baconism," said Professor Shoat, munching a Baconator at a press conference at a Wendy’s Restaurant. “There are television ads for burgers with so much extra bacon; you need to sign a waiver that you have reviewed the calorie and cholesterol count before eating. Suddenly, it is in vogue to bacon-wrap everything; from scallops to spuds and from asparagus to, well, bacon. You can even find instructions for making a bacon-weave taco shell on the Internet. The bacon-related options are endless... unless you come from a culture where is not allowed bacon."

Bacon glorification has gone from innocuous popular meme to a rallying point for those intolerant of Jews, Muslims and other non-bacon embracing cultures, claimed the prof. He added that in some cases, the bacon eaters were entirely unconscious of the fact that their bacon was insulting to other cultures.

“Despite the inadvertent nature of the bacon flavoured racism, the practise of eating it should be made illegal,” he said in summation of his paper published in the peer-reviewed Journal of Cultural Gastronomy.

"How fair is it that a huge swath of the population can't take part in the bacon-related trendiness?" questioned the professor.  "It is time to end this unsightly display of cultural cuisinism. Bacon should be outlawed."

Unaltered Photo: Some Right Reserved by Jeffreyw flickr photostream, The Sage nor this article endorsed. The original image can be found here.

Bacon Burger recipe available here

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