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Trending: Canadian Sitcom Corner Gas Headed to Theatres

Brent Butt: Movie in the Making

(SNN) – Ten years ago, Canadians embraced one of the most loved sitcoms to ever hit the small screen. Broadcast by CTV, and produced by the leading star, Brent Butt, “Corner Gas” was the top rated Canadian show for six straight seasons. Then it was cancelled.

Opening with a pithy tune, the lyrics stated, 'You think theres not alot going on. No closer to then the your-so-wrong. And that's why you can stay so long. Cause theres not alot goin o-on'. Well, it looks like there is alot going on, and the 'goin on' is that “Corner Gas” will become a major motion picture.

Bell Media has announced plans for the feature film, complete with the top Canadian comedian and original cast member Brent Butt reprising his role.

The producers of  'Corner Gas, The Movie' have launched a Kickstarter campaign at, which has already raised $169,000. The producers had hoped to raise $100,000 for the production in the next 30 days. What can we say? "Us Canucks love our Gas!"

The shooting is scheduled to commence in June at Rouleau, SK, the home of the original “Dog River” location.

It looks like 'Corner Gas, The Movie' will hit the theatres in time for a Yule Log. Cheers!

Photo (cropped): The original set of Corner Gas at Rouleau, Saskatchewan, Some Rights Reserved by flickr photostream, The Sage nor this wrticle endorsed. The original image can be found here.

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