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Canadians Revel In Victorian-Themed Holiday

Photo: Quite the Hotty

(SNN) - Every year on the third Monday of May, Canadians engage in one of the strangest holidays in the G20. Known as Victoria Day, the national statutory holiday honours modesty enthusiast, Queen Victoria. The holiday is replete with Victorian era hijinks celebrating prudishness and excessive inhibitedness.

Queen Victoria, who mourned the death of her husband for three decades and insisted on wearing black throughout her grief, was reportedly not much fun at parties. Existing pictures of the long-dead regent make her look like she was weaned on a pickle. For Canadians, however, that's no reason not to have a long weekend in her honour so we can party like it's 1819.

In Hamilton, Ontario, for example, citizens in that city host a beauty pageant where the raciest competition is the "Ankle Baring Event". Women dressed in the multi-layered, corseted and bustled styles of the early 1800's, lift their skirts to show off the delicate skin of their ankle joints. Medical personnel are on hand, of course, should anyone faint from the shocking sight.

In Vancouver, British Columbia, party goers engage in a type of scavenger hunt where each team must find certain items and put coverings on them. Last year, for example, contestants had to adorn, among other things, a piano, pink flamingoes and sunbathers at clothing-optional Wreck Beach.

Meanwhile, in Frenchman's Butte, Saskatchewan, roving bands of revellers hunt down women of ill repute and stone them to death. Luckily everyone knows it's all in fun and even those getting the rocks thrown at them take it in good humour, at least until one draws blood.

Some national events include having nine children, as Q-Vic did, and trying to get them married off to various European royal families.  The winner receives a four-slice toaster.

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