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The Old Coot and the Geezer's Unbelievable Summer Movie Preview.

From Jon Hamm to Godzilla

(SNN) - America's Favourite Sharp-Minded Old Timey Movie Review & Preview Team, "The Old Coot and the Geezer" check out some of the hottest 2014 Summer movies in their own inimitable and unfathomable way. Covering some of the biggest box office draws from Jon Hamm to great tasting popcorn, our two intrepid reviewers chow down and at the same time enlighten us with all things Hollywood.

But the biggest news here is... you guessed it, "Godzilla", which will be crushing its ways into a theatre near you. Listen to the Old Coot and Geezer as they break down "Godzilla" in a way that only true aficionados can break stuff down. Teaming an actor and a critic gives watchers a unique point of view. Two old pros who don't hide the fact sometimes they can't remember which actor is which in what movie either.

Rambunctious, Ridiculous, Relentless and Refreshingly Real, their Show features these two old veterans sharing a lifetime love affair with the movies... and great tasting popcorn.

Funny as ever, this episode will go down as one of there best. No animals were harmed in the making of this film.

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