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The Sage Quarterly Review

We're Changing and Growing!

(SNN) - In our last quarterly review, we happily celebrated The Sage’s first birthday by featuring a sampling of work from all of our talented writers. As we move forward in 2014, our Sage Satire issue will keep entertaining with more of that creative, wacky humour, the kind that gets the reader wondering, “Now, where did that come from?” Our writers will also continue to question what’s going on in our complex society with their serious, and often sobering, commentary for the Sage Opinion. If you are a fan of OpEd, you might often question what writers have conveyed. If you do, then we’ve hit a nerve and that’s a good thing. Healthy debate over serious societal issues is often a catalyst for actively dealing with those issues

Sage Entertainment Embraces Pop Culture

In addition to the Opinion and Satire issues you have enjoyed since launch, we’re very excited to introduce our third issue, the Sage Entertainment, which is sure to appeal to those readers who love exploring the world of pop culture. From movies to web sensations, our Sage contributors are keeping an eye on celebrities, pop icons, and all things that bring us hours of entertainment. Sections from our new Entertainment issue currently cover Movies, Television and WebCelebs. Also, in the Living section, we look at those icons that are currently with us. Articles in the Passings section pay tribute to those who have left us.

Soon to come will be a Music section with a focus on interesting content from the music world. Look for pieces on singers, songwriters, musicians, bands, etc. Serious or satirical, these articles will appeal to the music lovers among us. As we grow the Entertainment issue, look for contributions from our seasoned Sage scribes as well as new writers with a special interest and expertise in all things music, from the highly commercial to the more esoteric.   

Even More New and Cool at The Sage

Speaking of new writers, we are very proud to introduce our newest contributor, Kris Keppeler! Kris is a voice-over artist, film actor and live theater performer. We are thrilled that she has joined the Sage team! Take a look at Kris’s witty work in her latest article, Woman Gets Hair Transplant For Her Legs.  It’s a hoot!  

Writer Ed Toolis has been busy keeping a careful eye on popular issues in a new series, Another Snippet From Fox News…in case you missed it. With foxish flare, Ed gives us a humorous, running commentary on popular issues in true Fox News style. Ed’s latest Fox snippet covers minority rights. Read it and laugh!

Ed keeps his wit sharp with his other new series, The Sage Headline News, an enjoyable, quick read of more snippets of news in headline form. Take a look at some of Ed’s funny headlines here. You’ll find yourself searching for more crazy quips in the series after reading this piece!

From snippets of the written word to snippets of video, The Sage’s John “Cork” Corcoran Jr. entertains us with clips from the The Old Coot and The Geezer Show, a VLOG that features Cork and his friend, Dan Roth. Cork, a former film critic, and Dan, a former actor, talk movies, Hollywood, and all things entertainment. Their insightful, at-ease commentary gives Sage readers a refreshing look at the world of entertainment through the minds of seasoned veterans from the industry. These guys know their stuff!

Our Thanks and an Offer You Can’t Refuse

In addition to our new ventures, The Sage is seeing a growth in readership and we’d like to thank all of our readers for making that possible. We also value feedback and enjoy reading the comments some readers have contributed. Please keep it coming!

If you have tossed around the thought of joining us as a writer, you may want to consider trying your hand at submitting a piece for our humour-satire writing contest. Our first contest contributor, Mary Corcoran, sent us a clever and thought-provoking piece entitled, A Fracking Joke. Take a read. It’s very entertaining as well as quite informative!

We look forward to reading your contribution! Not only do we give you a platform, but you can also win a color eReader! The deadline for submission is July 30th, 2014.

The Sage, a publication of The Sage News Network, is based in Leduc, Alberta Canada. It includes 3 Issues: Sage Satire, Sage Opinion and Sage Entertainment. Administrative staff includes Editor, Brian K. Hahn, Satire Editor, Chris McKerracher, and Copy Editor, Dixie Ohlander. The Sage News Network is a partnership of Mike Kuefler, Brian K. Hahn and Chris McKerracher.

Photo: Some Rights Reserved by Valarie flick photostream, The Sage nor this artivle endorsed. The original image can be found here.

DISCLAIMER: The above article is OPINION.The opinions, beliefs and viewpoints expressed by the authors of The Sage Opinion and forum participants on this web site do not necessarily reflect the opinions, beliefs and viewpoints of the The Sage News Network or the official policies of the The Sage News.
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