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Scientists Decode "Junk DNA" and Discover an Alien Origin

(SNN) – Polish scientists, in co-operation with the Academia of Spain, have decoded the noncoding DNA that makes up 80% of the human genome. A peer review paper shared by Spanish and Polish authorities, which was held from public release due to interference from the Vatican, concludes: “The noncoding DNA, commonly referred to as “Junk DNA”, reveals that people of 'pure' caucasian persuasion have a specific DNA consisting of nucleotides that are not known to have earthly origins.”

New research commenced after a discovery.

In March of 2010, Polish authorities, excavating the site of Gusen camp near St George, discovered a former Nazi eugenic lab. In a sealed safe, a lost peer reviewed paper titled, “The Study of Phenogenetics and the Alien Origin,” by the late Hugo Fisher, was discovered. Fisher, a German professor of eugenics, who was appointed Director of the Frederick William University of Berlin, by Adolf Hitler in 1933, died in 1969; but not before announcing that he passed on important information to Russian Military authorities. That revelation started what was to become a thirty year investigation by a close knit group of scientists at two different ends of Europe.

In an interview with the Polish journal, Smieszny Magazine, a Dr. Stos Bzdura, Head of Genetics at the Polish Academy of Sciences, stated “This discovery is rather exciting. It shows that some peoples originating from the northern regions of Europe, are actually of hybrid origins.” Bzdura advised that the amount of the 'now' decoded 'junk DNA' reveals that part of the human race is of alien origin, “Where we are from, only the heavens know,” concluded Bzdura.

Conclusions backed up by Spain.

Professor Manojo de Mierda, from the “La Casa de la Ciencia de Sevilla” (House of Science), has gone on record to state that Bzdura's conclusions are as good as his name. “I, along with my colleges, have been working with Bzdura and find that, indeed, the human race does have some elements that have other worldly origins."

The Sage has learned that the Spanish and Polish work is under review, and that any changes to the Encyclopedia of DNA Elements (ENCODE) will be forthcoming. Of interesting note, ENCODE suggested in September of 2012 that over 80% of DNA in the human genome "serves some purpose, biochemically speaking," a conclusion which had been strongly criticized by other scientists.

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