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Good News: The Old Coot and the Geezer Show - is back!

Twelve Years a Slave and Saving Mr. Disney

(SNN) - The Sage's own John "Cork" Corcoran is back with his friend, Dan Roth, talking about important stuff like movies, Hollywood, and all things of importance with the Entertainment VLOG, "The Old Coot and the Geezer Show". In this episode, our humourous critics cover the Academy Award winner "Twelve Years a Slave" and "Saving Mister Disney", starring Tom Hanks.  About the return of the show, Cork had this lucid response, "Still don't understand Google Plus, but that doesn't mean I can't use it to hype art. And I say "Art" in the loosest interpretation of the word. Anyway, another oldie but ancient guy and me got together to talk movies."

So sit back and enjoy Episode - OC&G 42314 #1.  

You can follow John "Cork" Corcoran Jr. on his blog BreakingSatire, or on Corks Comment360.  To read Cork here on The Sage, CLICK HERE.


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