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Snowden Wins Huge Lottery Sponsored by NSA

Photo: Collecting Might Be Dicey

(SNN) - A spokesman for a group calling itself the National Stuff Awarders, or NSA, has issued a prize of $666 million to lucky lottery winner Edward Snowden. The only catch; he has to pick it up at CIA headquarters in Langley. The group was very tight-lipped about how Snowden managed to enter the lottery or where tickets might have been bought for the draw.

“When you are handing out this kind of cash you have to be very careful of privacy issues,” stated NSA spokesman, John Smith, in an interview on a darkened bridge at midnight ‘to help enjoy the lunar eclipse’.  “Therefore, we can’t release the details of the lottery or how Mr. Snowden managed to become the big winner.”

The cash award is almost twice as large as the highest Powerball win of $370, 800,000 by 82 year-old Gloria C. Mackenzie on a “quick pick” ticket in a supermarket in Florida.  The NSA spokesman, Smith, however, indicated strongly that his group is in no way affiliated with the Powerball lottery program or any other state or federal lotto scheme.

“We certainly hope that Mr. Snowden isn’t leery about claiming the cash,” said Smith. “I am here to assure him that if he comes back to America, he need not worry. He will get what’s coming to him.”

Unaltered Photo: Some Right Reserved by TechCrunch flickr photostream, The Sage nor this article endorsed. The original image can be found here.

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