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Sidney Poitier to Denzel Washington: Choose Wisely

Turning Down Racist Role May Have Changed Denzel's Career: For the Better

(SNN) – Denzel Washington, leading man and heart throb to a vast audience, once received wisdom through some mentoring from Sidney Poitier. After receiving a role in a movie Denzel himself jokingly calls, “Da Nigga they couldn't kill,” a role that saw the hero of the story, an African American, survive a beating, torturing and hanging, Denzel turned it down.

But before he threw away a $600,000 dollar role, he called a friend for advice.

The advice; Poitier told Denzel, “The first, two or three or four movies you do, will dictate how you are perceived in this business.” Sage advice from a veteran performer, an artist who has lead the way for many other African American actors in the business.

Not falling into the lure of the Hollywood’s Blaxploitation Era, Denzel went onto bigger and better things, “Cry Freedom” (1987), “Glory” (1989), “Malcolm X “(1992), “Philadelphia” (1993), “John Q” (2003) and the “Book of Eli” (2010) to name only six of fifty-three movie credits to his name.

In this candid clip from 2010, Denzel recalls that moment in his early career when the wrong decision could have changed his life, and ours for that matter.

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