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Music World Mourns Jesse Winchester

Photo: 'Life is just too short for some folk; for other folk it just drags on...'

(SNN) - Folk singer and renown songwriter, Jesse Winchester, has passed away at the age of 69. Winchester who achieved his most commercial success from his album and title song, “Nothing But a Breeze” succumbed to the cancer of the esophagus he has battled since 2011.

Born in Louisiana, Winchester was known as a “songwriter’s songwriter” for his clever hooks and catchy rhythms. Some of the artists who have performed his songs include, James Taylor, Anne Murray, Emmylou Harris, Wilson Pickett, Joan Baez, Lyle Lovett and the Everly Brothers.

Winchester moved to Montreal, Canada in 1967 after being drafted by the US Army and was discovered by The Band’s Robbie Robertson. Robertson and Band-mate Levon Helm often played on Winchester’s albums. He eventually went back to the US after then-president Jimmy Carter announced an amnesty for draft dodgers in 1977. Winchester explained his position in a Montreal Gazette interview in the mid 90’s.

“It’s strange, but I respect the people who went to Vietnam. It was just the way you saw it. If you believed in the reasons for it, it was your duty to go. If you didn’t, then I don’t see how you could go. If you’re gonna pick up a gun and shoot somebody, you better believe.”

Music has lost another great.

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