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John "The Ponceman" Perry, from Webceleb to Big Screen Actor.

Poking at sensibilities has given one Mediocrefilms actor celebrity status.

(SNN) - Love it or hate it, humour designed to push ones sensitivities has become a “guilty pleasure” for many. So much so that when one actor is featured on a series of webisodes poking fun at the 'retarded' it propels the actor into a bonafide webceleb. The series on the spotlight is titled “The Retarded Policeman” and the actor of note is Josh "The Ponceman" Perry.

Perry's work is either appreciated or despised, and many are quick to accuse the producers of being exploitative because “The Ponceman” is a young man with Down Syndrome. Quick to respond to detractors, The Ponceman repeats his mantra from his Facebook page when he says, “I'm an actor, I'm dead sexy, I love bacon and the ladies and yes I have Down Syndrome. What do you have?”

Above: A PC - Politically Correct response from "The Ponceman" after
receiving complaints from some viewers.

Perry has publicly declared that when he was born his mother was told by the doctors that her newborn son was a Down Syndrome baby, and that he would become a burden. The advice was to have him placed into a facility for care. But according to Perry, his family is “awesome” and what took place was a loving family that was equalled, if not exceeded, the love he has for people. As a result, his family is completely supportive of his acting career. In fact, his older brother Scott Allen Perry, aka, the S.A.P., works with him. Together they have produced a string of comedy videos, all available to watch from their website, “The Perry Brother's Abnormal Comedy Emporium

His Talent is not only confined to the Web.

His work on “The Retarded Policeman" and other webisodes, drew attention from Hollywood. In fact, “The Ponceman” has worked with, Val Kilmer, Rip Torn, Peter Falk, Diane Ladd, Cloris Leachman, Bruce Willis and Joseph Gordon Levitt. Cloris Leachman left an indelible impression on “The Ponceman” because as he puts it, '... she pinched my butt.'

According to Perry, one particular role was “cool” because he had the opportunity to work with "a really cool guy", Danny Trejo of "Machette Kills" fame, when he landed a role as an “a-hole” of a boss named Dewey in the 2010 release “Pastor Shepherd.”

Above: Webisode - The Retarded Police - "Blonde in a Convertable #33"
The Ponceman pulls over a lady in a wheelchair, and compares disabilities.

To date “The Ponceman” has sixteen film credits under his belt, including two he produced, one he directed and one he wrote.

Can it be said that any or all of his work is politically correct? The answer to that question will depend on where you are.  But one thing for sure is that he has a way of making people laugh, if not at the material, then maybe at their own sensitivities. Josh "The Ponceman" Perry is a true celebrity with a career our Sage sleuths believe is just beginning.

We wish all the best to Mr. Perry and we have just one more thing say..... “Byeeee!”

Photo: Fair Use logic of the image capture of Josh Perry, in the episode “Blonde in a Convertible - Retarded Policeman #33” to illustrate the subject matter and the film featured. Image Credit and Rights Owned by MediocreFilms. ( Visit there Youtube Channel here.

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