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Silent Film Actress Carla Laemmle: At 104 Still Working in Movies.

Centenarian to be Featured in the Horror Flick,"Mansion of Blood"

(SNN) - Carla Laemmle, femme fatale and heartthrob of the silver screen dating back to 1925, will be featured in another horror film titled, “Mansion of Blood.” At the age of 104, Laemmle has not slowed down. In fact, since the turn of this last decade she has had roles in four motion pictures; “The Extra”, “A Sad State of Affairs”, and “Pooltime.” Her latest and fourth since 2010 stars Gary Busey and Star Trek's Robert Picardo, a macabre, and horrifying murder mystery where she plays a character named Maribelle.

Carla, Hollywood royalty, is the daughter of Carl Laemmle, the father of Universal Pictures. She landed her first uncredited part in 1925 when she danced before the camera as a prima ballerina in the Lon Chaney vehicle, the “Phantom of the Opera.” Following “Phantom”, she received a small role in the early version of Dracula (1931). Laemmle is the last surviving cast member of both classic films, Phantom and Dracula.

Active in small roles until the late 1930's, she disappeared from the silver screen, only to come out of retirement to play a vampire in “The Vampire Hunters Club” in 2001.

Her role on “The Mansion of Blood” places her on an extremely short list of actors over the age of 100 who have played in a movie. In fact, according to our Sage sleuths, the list is only one name long, Carla Laemmle.

UPDATE: Sadly, only two months after The Sage published this story, Ms. Carla Laemmle passed away. Laemmle died at her home in Los Angeles at the age of 104 on June 12, 2014. 

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