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Earthquakes Could Cause Damage and Death, UN Report Says

(SNN) – A recent study conducted by 35 eminent scientists for the U.N. has revealed that an earthquake could cause considerable damage if the fault line intersects with a metropolitan area. The report, which took four years and almost 5.2 million Euros, recommends that in the event of an earthquake hitting a city or any urban community, people in that area should run.

“We conducted numerous earthquake models and discovered that an earthquake could cause damage and even death. In several models, structures made of glass could smash and cement could even crack,” advised Raj Pachaderma, Chairman for the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Earthquake Events. (IPEE).

The IPEE has concluded that fault lines that cause earthquakes occur in large metropolitan areas. The reports conclude that years of construction in what is known as concrete jungles is what is causing these faults. “If the world doesn't cut building construction, the already noticeable earthquake events could spiral "out of control," Pachaderma continued, “which will cause damage or even death.”

The IPEE has concluded that construction causes earthquakes and earthquakes cause damage and death. “This is all new to us,” advised Ova Hole-Gulfburg, lead geologist for the IPEE. “Over the past fifty years, we noticed a correlation between earthquake events and the amount of damage caused by them in cities.” Hole-Gulfburg concluded, “We don't get reports of earthquakes in areas of the world where people do not live. It has become obvious to us that people are causing earthquakes.”

The report has come under fire from many haters and deniers who claim that there is no such thing as anthropogenic earthquake events.  

Photo: UCL Mathematical and Physical Sciences flickr photostream, The Sage nor this article endorsed. The original photo can be found here.

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