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KFC's Secret Recipe Leaked - No One Cares

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(SNN) - According to a spokesman for KFC, VP of marketing, Fred Poulet, the company’s ‘secret recipe’ created by Colonel Harland Sanders, in Utah in 1952, has been divulged on the Internet. Details of what goes into the famous poultry coating mix were divulged by a group that calls itself Foodieleaks.

“The company is relieved the publication of our recipe hasn’t affected sales,” commented Poulet in a press briefing. “For people actually willing to cook, this apparently isn’t what they want to cook. We still decry Foodieleaks actions.”

Foodieleaks is the same group that accused some manufacturers of only putting in 1.98 scoops of raisins in their bran-based cereal. They also had blown wide open the lies and inaccuracies in the foot long hotdog industry.

According to Poulet, the recipe had been kept in a safe in the KFC chairman’s office under armed guard since 1986. The corporation instituted the more rigorous security after thwarting an unpublicized corporate espionage attack to steal it. The operation was suspected to have been financed by rival groups that may or may not include DFC, the AFC, the NFC and Bob’s Chicken Hut in Scranton, Pennsylvania; but no criminal charges were ever laid.

“Company officials have no idea how the security breach occurred to allow our secret recipe to be put in full public view on our website,” Poulet stated. “However we would like to state that if ever these people are caught we hope they fry.”

The public, however, is on Foodieleaks side, if social media is any indication. Foodieleaks has reached almost mythic proportions when tallying the number of “likes” and “favs” in Facebook and Twitter mentions.

*Statistics courtesy of the NSA.

 Photo (unaltered) Some rights reserved by JD flickr photostream, The Sage nor the article endorsed. The original image can be found here.

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