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Watch: History Repeating Itself, Nazi Germany and the French Revolution

Bipolar Ideological Conflicts in Ukraine are Echoes of the Past

(SNN) - The civil breakdown in Ukraine has been reported to be caused by two separate ideologies of the masses. On one side, we have those who want to be part of the European Union; and on the other it is reported that there are those that want to remain a Russian state. Therefore, the pundits tell us, that the conflict is civil unrest, plain and simple.

It is never that simple.

Whatever the catalyst is for the destruction of Ukraine by its people, the facts remain that order will not be restored. The country is truly divided, with the European faction essentially dominating the western half, with the cities of Lviv and Kyiv under their control, and the 'status quo” Russian influence controlling the East, from Kharkiv to Donetsk and into the Crimea which is considered the crown jewel of Russia, a region that was seized by Russian forces in the 18th century under Catherine the Great.

It is fair to say that Ukraine has always been known as the cradle of Russian Culture. So retaining the country under Russian control is of great importance to President Vladimir Putin. This itself complicates matters.

With an arrest warrant this week for Ukraine's 'former' President Viktor Yanukovych for mass murder effectively ending his rule, the interim government struggled to gain control.

Did the unrest stop, quell or at least show signs of improvement?

It is never that simple.

The civilian rioters, calling for Yanukovych's head, did not stop. In fact, destruction amplified by toppling monuments and statues. Statues that were placed in honour of Russian and Ukrainian solders who fought Nazi Germany in World War II. The western faction then marked Swastikas and Wolfsangels, both former Nazi and current Neo Nazi symbols on public buildings. Rioting continued with the civilian death toll climbing. Today there is no end in site to this conflict.

The world should not ignore what is happening in Ukraine. The scenes are almost carbon copies of the riots and beatings in the streets of Germany of the 1920's and 30's that brought about the reign of the Third Reich as Hitler's Sicherheitsdienst (SD) attacked and killed the communist factions, who had control of some key cities in Germany.

Does that sound familiar?

Nor can civil unrest be ignored, even though many in the West are cheering for the rioters citing democracy in action. Democracy in its purest form, is historically proven dangerous, if left unfettered. Death has always been visited upon the people flirting with it. If not controlled by an authoritative body, the masses begin to turn on themselves. As any student of the French Revolution can attest, France collapsed into an orgy of death without a ruling body. It took a dictator to restore order.

It is never that simple.

No amount of editorializing can truly provide a proper analysis, but it can be said that what we are seeing in the Ukraine, is a repeat of history. A history that shook the world on two fronts in two centuries.

What we are seeing unfolding today in Ukraine, will most likely spill beyond its borders. For if we admit that human life can be ruled by reason, then all possibility of life is destroyed.   


The other site of the picture. Kiev, January 2013, riot police restraint, as rioters hurl bricks, and strike in an effort to draw a response. Two weeks later, the riots explode into deaths and complete anarchy.

Photo: Image capture of the riots in Ukraine, From the video displayed here. Use for the sole purpose of illustration, and to feature the video as part of the report. License holder not known.

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