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Oldest Holocaust Survivor Passes Away at the Age of 110.

Watch: Alice Herz-Sommer's testimony at the age of 109.

(SNN) – The oldest Holocaust survivor passes away at the age of 110. Alice Herz-Sommer, having lived through the death camps of Nazi Germany, went onto live an exampled life of one who loved people. A musician all her life, Alice learned, as she puts it, that “Music was the first thing of art. It brings you to an island of peace, beauty and love.”

Alice passed away on February 23rd, 2014. She was an example of how we should all be: strength to survive and the love to carry on.

The world has lost a true example of humanity as it should be. Thank you Alice, you were one that loved, and is loved.

Watch this video for a very good understanding of this most extraordinary person.

Photo: "Alice Herz-Sommer at the age of 109."Image Capture from feature video. Used to illustrate the original source video.

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