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Canucks Push Back Against U.S.TFW's

Photo: 'They look weird and have these exotic instruments.'

(SNN) - Social media sources and Canadian news site comment boards are awash with Canucks expressing anger and discomfort at the legions of Temporary Foreign Workers from the United States.

"I'm not racist or anything," wrote one angry comment board poster from the Breeders Digest, named Gordon from Granby. "But these guys are so different they make me uncomfortable. Why one fellow kept calling me 'yawl'! It was like, ‘How you doin’ Yawl?’ My name is Gordon!"

Another news poster was even more concerned. Beneath a Toronto Post and Star article on the subject, Karl from Kelowna stated that he isn’t a racist or anything and even has friends who have admitted to being Americans but is against the fact they are taking all the best jobs.

“We always had a local as the assistant night crew chief at Second Cup and now this guy, Wayne, got the job. I dreamed about having that position my whole life, eh. I’m not racist or anything, but it really cheeses me off.”

"These Americans look funny, dress funny and talk funny,” snapped Miguel from Moose Jaw in the Puffington Host. “I saw this one guy, I think he was from Minnesota, he wasn’t even wearing a toque.”

Parminder from PEI, posting in the Peterborough Times Leader Tribune, complained about being fearful of these foreigners coming up on working visas.

“Who knows what they are going to do when they get up here. I am afraid they will blow something up like that terrorist, Tim McVeigh.”

Photo: Some rights reserved by Jyri's flickr photostream, The Sage nor this article endorsed. Original image can be found here.

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