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Putin has had enough Pussy to last a Lifetime.

Uses Cossacks to whip Pussy Riot during Sochi Olympics

(SNN) - With the Sochi Olympics closing in Russia Sunday, the leader of Russia, Vladimer Putin, can now relax, as the tensions and fears of a social uprising came to a close as well.

Throughout the two week event, Putin used Cossacks and over 50,000 police and soldiers to battle threats from terrorism and 'social ills' such as homosexuality. But in the end, it was not the gays and Muslim extremists that would embarrass the Russians, it was Russian Pussy, specifically the punk band Pussy Riot.

Pussy Riot, the feminist punk rock group which has haunted Putin since 2011 with protests, demonstrations, YouTube videos and all manner of tweets were on hand in Sochi to once again force their pussy agenda on the embattled Russian leader.

While the army of police were on the look-out for terrorist action, the Pussy brigade set-up to film their demonstrative concert, only to be confronted with whips from employed Cossacks. The Friday concert started, and on the very first song, a Cossack pulled out his whip and began to lash out at the Pussy Riot band members.

Is it fair to say that Russians are as hard on Pussy as they are on homosexuality?

Russian Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Kozak has gone on record to say that the Cossack who horsewhipped members of Pussy Riot has been "held accountable" for the attack and was issued a fine.

As the Cossacks whipped Pussy Riot in Sochi, the gay community trembled. But we must at least remember that it was Dmitry Kozak himself who announced, prior to the sporting event, that gays can consider themselves safe at the Olympics as long as they stayed away from children.

At least Vladimir Putin and his thugs provided some guidelines for the gays, but when it came to the pernicious Pussy there was no such luck. One thing is for sure, the Olympics has always been a political platform formed in the spirit of world peace and fair play and by all standards Russia may have won a Bronze in that event.