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VIDEO: A Plea from Ukraine goes Viral.

Brave, Young and Articulate, a Woman stands up for her People.

(SNN) As thousands gathered in the streets of Kiev, a young woman stands before a camera with a plea to the world, a plea which should not have been be ignored.

Ukraine has been caught in a tug-of-war between Moscow, which sees it as the historical cradle of Russian civilization, and the West, which declares Ukrainians should be free to choose economic rapprochement with the European Union.

Meanwhile, the people living there are dealing with poverty and a totalitarian government considered to be worse than the former Soviet Union.

Shortly after this brave young woman expressed her desire for help, violence broke out on the streets which saw at least 70 people killed as a result of fighting between protesters and riot police. During the anarchy, 67 police officers were seized by the protesters.

According to a Reuters photographer, they counted bodies of 21 dead civilians in Independence Square, the centre of the protests. It has been reported that witnesses saw snipers firing from high spots during the riot.

This short film, titled “I am a Ukrainian”, narrated over images of violence, explaining why anti-government protesters have taken to the streets, went viral in concert when the streets of Kiev did the same.

This powerful video, posted online on Feb. 10, has been
viewed over 5 million times.

As we watch this film, knowing now what the Ukrainians are experiencing in their own streets, how can we sit back and cheer on our Olympic athletes? Perhaps, if we share this video, it may reach those that can do something constructive and help Ukraine restore peace, order and economic stability.

By the way, Ukraine just won a Bronze medal in the Biathlon. Congratulations.

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