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Shirley Temple, iconic child star and ambassador dies in California at 85

A Role Model Young Celebrities Today Have Overlooked

(SNN) – Shirley Temple, the former child movie star from 1935 to 1938 and Ambassador to Czechoslovakia during the collapse of the Soviet Union, died on February 10th, at the age of 85.

Temple, known as cute, curly-haired and dimple faced, became a box-office leader at the tender age of just four. She held that status longer than any other child actor in history. At one point she beat out adult contemporaries like Clark Gable, Bing Crosby, Robert Taylor, Gary Cooper and Joan Crawford.

Married for more than 50 years to husband, Charles Black, Temple had gone on record as stating her most important role was of wife, mother and grandmother. Her husband passed away just a few months earlier.

When her hollywood years ended at the age of just 21, Temple quietly moved on to become active in politics, having held important roles as US Ambassadors to Ghana and then the former Czechoslovakia.

It is safe to say that Temple set the bar for what the public expected of other children achieving fame. Her demeanour, and persona allowed her to deal with fame and fortune in a humble and innocent manner, never allowing the public attention, adoration and fame to draw her into embarrassment and worse yet, unlawful behaviour.



Yes, when other child stars and young pop idles the likes of Justin Bieber and Miley Cyrus act out and grossly disappoint their adoring fans, my generation looks back at the Shirley Temple years wondering what has happened to innocence and self respect.

It can be safe to say that Shirley Temple was somebody to look up to in many ways. As a breast cancer survivor in 1972, she bravely announced her recovery due from a radical mastectomy to the world, becoming one of the first prominent women to speak openly about breast cancer. An act that was not common, due to the stigma associated with the illness and the treatments.

Nobody can remember Temple without that song coming to mind, “The Good Ship Lollypop”, or to know that if you want to have a non-alcoholic drink in a bar, you order a “Shirley Temple.”

Shirley Temple has made a mark in this world, and will be remembered fondly by millions. 

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