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Justin Trudeau Removes Liberal MPs From Caucus

Photo: The New Liberal Caucus Meeting Room

(SNN) - In a move made to capitalize on the stir he caused by removing all 32 Liberal senators from caucus, Justin Trudeau has booted all the members of parliament from the Liberal caucus, as well. The initiative means Trudeau is the only member left in the caucus and it is expected he will now have the least divisive caucus on Parliament Hill, given the deep divisions within Elizabeth May’s caucus.

“As a leader with strong convictions (all overturned on appeal) I think it is important to have a caucus that has cohesion and is always on the same page with the goals of our party,” explained Trudeau from the new Liberal caucus meeting room/phone booth. “The only way I can be sure that this happens is to make all the decisions myself so nobody else can screw up my chance of becoming Prime Minister. After all, this same approach worked for Vladimir Putin, whatever you think of his politics, and Kim Jong-Un, as well.”

The party had entered into a leadership review as a result of Trudeau’s strange behaviour but when the leadership question was put to a vote, the caucus sided unanimously with Justin by a count of 1 to 0. His detractors did note, however, the slim, one-vote margin of victory.

Photo: Some rights reserved by Double Feature  flickr photostream, The Sage nor this article endored. Original image can be found here.

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