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Northerners Smug as Snow Skiff Halts Atlanta

Photo: 'You call that a snow fall?'

(SNN) - There was much reaction today from northern-dwelling celebrities, politicians and more normal people over the two inches of snow that created gridlock that lasted until the next morning. Having had to listen to years and years of Southerners bragging about their warm temperatures, Minnesotans, Michigangsters and those poor God-forsaken Canadians in the frozen North could not help taking a little joy in their Southern neighbour's discomfort.

"You guys were gridlocked over a bit of snow?" sneered New Jersey Governor Chris Christie. "Are you sure it wasn't politically motivated gridlock? We get that up here all the time. Sends a message as subtle as a horse's head in your bed."

"Two inches of snow and the city ground to a halt?" chortled Toronto, Ontario mayor, Rob Ford. "We get many times that amount and keep on trucking. Are guys on crack or what? Oh wait, that's me."

Minnesota born Bob Dylan, who has seen a lot of snow blowing in the wind in his lifetime, responded to the Atlanta situation. "You know when the snow will blow then cars won't go in Atlanta, Joe. It gets real old to be in the cold when you just want to be warm and out of the storm. Man, I am one amazing song writer!"

"I don't think it is fair to slam the administration of Atlanta for their lack of response in their recent snow flurry event,” claimed Edmonton, Alberta Mayor Don Iverson. "We don't get the ploughs out for a little bit of snow like that either."

Sarah Palin also put in her two cents worth, despite the fact it was blatant overcharging. "I can't see why the administration wouldn't be ready for a snow storm," chided Palin. "Back in Alaska we had millions of dollars worth of equipment for snow removal. I cannot believe Atlanta doesn't have any. They don’t even put snow removal in their budget for heaven’s sakes. What's wrong with them?"

City officials are now hard at work looking at ways to make sure they don't get blamed for the crisis.

Photo: Some rights reserved by State Farm  flickr photostream, The Sage nor this article endored. Original image can be found here.

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