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Toronto Doc's License Revoked For Legible Writing

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(SNN) - The Canadian College of Physicians and Surgeons has taken away the right to practice medicine due to concerns about the easily read handwriting of Dr, Kelly Graffy of the Main Street Medi-Centre in Toronto.  At the press conference to explain the college’s action, head of the disciplinary committee, Dr. Pleunis Dingleberry, appeared to be a little testy.

“It was quite irresponsible of Doctor… sorry, MISTER Graffy, to have compromised patient care like that,” thundered Dingleberry. “If doctors make their prescriptions more legible, patients may start reading them to make sure they’re getting the correct treatment. This could lead to all kinds of problems if mistakes are made, problems for us doctors. We can’t have that.

Dingleberry was supported at the news conference by a spokesman from the political wing of the Canadian Pharmacists Association, Dr. Abbey Profen who explained how having doctors who write readable prescriptions could damage their businesses. He described how pharmacists just fill orders and count pills and tubes of crème, other than interpreting what the heck doctors write. They could easily be replaced by a vending machine that could fill prescriptions if the scripts were clear enough for just anyone to read.

“It’s not like each dispensary has a little medical lab to actually make the medicines on site,” pointed out Profen."We just give people whatever the pieces of paper say to give them and print warning sheets. We're not making aspirin out of willow bark out back, you know."

Photo: Some rights reserved by Trevor Manternach  flickr photostream, The Sage nor this article endored. Original image can be found here.

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