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Two detained after 'sexual act' on an Airbus A320.

Pilots accused of having sex between Toronto and Calgary.

(SNN) – Two airline employees where detained by the RCMP for having sex on a flight from Toronto to Calgary, says police spokesperson Roger Stedanko. “We received information from air traffic control that they overheard the pilot and co-pilot of Flight C69 from BreezyJet Airlines having coitus at 20,000 feet.”

The act was discovered when an air traffic controller left the microphone open and accidentally transmitted the incident over the public address system at the Calgary International Airport. A person at the airport waiting for a friend to arrive from Flight C69 of B.J.Air called her friend, and shared the blow by blow action, which was in turn shared with the flight crew. “At one point, we had a real crowd gathered at the rear of the plane,” said Virginia Aweways. “The Flight Crew and passengers all began to cheer the two on.”

At no time did the pilot and co-pilot know of the drama that was unfolding. The two where detained upon landing at the Calgary International Airport. Both deny having intercourse while in control of the Airbus A320.

In a quirky twist, since an Airbus A320, a fly-by-wire aircraft, flies itself under a series of redundant computer systems, the pilot is never in direct control of the aircraft during flight, only on take-offs and landings. “The flight cabin doors are always locked, preventing the public from seeing or hearing what is going on behind the closed door,” advised Stedanko. “Since an Airbus A320 is more in control than our pilots, we could not find any evidence that the passengers where ever in any danger.”

It was learned that police swabbed the cockpit for hair and fluid samples. “No man relish was found,” concluded Stedanko. “We have questioned both men. They denied ever joining the mile-high-club.”

The Police have charged Air Traffic Controller Mike Litoris with broadcasting obscene materials over a public address system, and causing a disturbance in a public place. Litoris will appear at Alberta Provincial Court in May of this year.

Photo: Some rights reserved by caribb flickr photostream, The Sage nor this article endored. Original image can be found here.

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