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Parents warned of alarming new trend.

Students snorting Gummi Bears, lead to NASAL maggots

(SNN) – Parents at Whynot, Mississippi are being warned that their children could succumb to horrifying infestations of nasal maggots as a result of a new trend hitting Social Media networks, like Facebook, Pinterest and YouTube. A video released on the popular video service shows school children mimicking drug users by snorting gobs of gelatin-based, chewy candies like gummi worms, and gummi bears. One child at Whynot has already experienced complete nasal blockage and hypertwitchphasia from the activity.

“We noticed something was up during recess,” advised Mrs Douchchuck, fifth grade teacher at Whynot Passmore Middle School, “The girls were hanging upside down from the monkey bars, with coloured worms hanging from their nostrils”

According to officials in Whynot Passmore Middle School, the trend is a 'widespread phenomenon' that has been sweeping YouTube in recent months. Over a dozen students in Mississippi have developed blocked nasal passages, nasal maggots and droop eye.

Parents have been warned to watch children to see if they display any danger signs of the infliction, such as gelatin masses drooping from their nostrils, enlarged noses, crossed eyes, or pitchy voices. “If the nasgots (nasal maggots) begin to multiply, the child's eyes cross and they twitch and spit uncontrollably,” advised Douchchuck.

Authorities have advised that the reasons cited for this trend is that the children are getting a gelatin high from the candies. “I realized the activity was getting out of hand when, on Monday morning, while taking attendance, the entire class had gummi worms hanging from their noses, and they were just sitting there, straight up twitching with blank stares.”

“As incredible as this sounds, it is a real problem,” advised School Superintendent Peter Dingledine, “If we don't get this addiction under control the next thing we know the kids will start to snort Smarties.”

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