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Texas Tougher Than International Law

'We won't let standard rules of conduct push us around!'

(SNN) - The state of Texas has once more demonstrated it will not be dictated to by international law. Governor Rick Perry has said if Texas doesn't remember specifically signing onto a document, such as the Vienna Convention or the Geneva Convention, they won’t be beholden to it.

As a result, the state is poised to execute a Mexican man who has not been allowed access to consular contact. This is a clear violation of normally recognized due process for non-nationals convicted of a capital crime, but it's the Texan way. They march to their own drummer, all that kind of stuff, even though the US signed onto these agreements as a whole. Texans stubbornly cling to the notion they will not be bound by whatever everyone else is doing. They are going to stick to their guns.

If Governor Perry wants to execute a Mexican murderer, he's not going to let anybody tell him he can’t. Not emissaries from the President of the US, nor the President of Mexico; nobody. God knows they tried, though.

"But that means US citizens won't be automatically given access to their consulates if they run afoul of the law when abroad," they told Texas. “That is how international agreements work.”

The approved Texan response to that was, of course, "Too bad. They shouldn't have left Texas and if they're not Texans, we don't give a God damn."

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