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UFO Sighting Raises Questions

Photo: Is this similar to what the Meilleurs saw?

(SNN) - Whatever one might think of Quebecor Media Inc’s (QMI) editorial positions, made available through their Sun newspapers et al, their hard news bits are as competently reported as any other main stream media. It’s not like they are UFO Monthly or some other sketchydreck. They report news as well as they are able and have writers dedicated to the calling of journalism. This is why it is so interesting QMI would feature a fairly prominent story about a UFO sighting in Montreal recently, available here.

The report is striking for a number of reasons. The first thing that stands out is this is a businessman and his family coming out of the UFO closet. They aren’t whackjobs, They weren’t out for fame. This family just wanted to tell their story to someone who would listen which proved harder than they expected.

Being prudent, the family, the Meilleurs, waited until they could be sure a reporter would come and verify what they saw. The journalist, one Daniel Deslauriers, dutifully came out and even took pictures of the event.  It must be said, for a guy with that much notice of a major photo op, the pictures aren’t very good.

What’s also important, though, besides the fact that QMI gave the family such credence as to send out a reporter, who verified the phenomenon, is how the information was handled by the military, the police and the government. These are all the agencies any alert, conscientious citizen would want to advise if they ever saw anything of a threatening nature to our country. However, none of these agencies were interested in the least.

There were almost 2,000 UFO sightings in Canada alone in 2012 (2013 stats have not yet been tabulated).  If this many people are seeing something, whether they are of alien origin or not, surely the government should want to know what might be flying around. Are they spy drones? Are they secret military test vehicles? Why is it that seemingly every country has secret military test vehicles, even countries without a military? If not aliens, perhaps they are visitors from the future?  We’ll never know if we ignore everyone who reports them. People who see them are usually unlikely to tell anyone for this very reason; plus there is the reality that they may be treated as wingnuts ever after.

So, just for kicks and giggles, try this; open your mind momentarily to allow the tiniest, slimmest of possibilities that UFO’s are alien or foreign aircraft. Now imagine, if you will, that like an admitted 10% of the population, you see an alien looking aircraft as this family did.

Who you gonna call? If it was me, I wouldn’t tell anyone. I wonder how many others don’t. I admire the Meilleur family very much for their courage.

Photo: Some Rights Reserved by Annie Roi  flickr photostream, The Sage nor this article endorsed. Original picture here.

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