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'Corner Gas; The 3D Movie' Starts Filming

Photo: Butt Discussing The Movie On CBC's 'Q'

(SNN) - For Brent Butt, the internationally revered, glamorous Canadian actor, who gained his immense stardom through his hit TV show, Corner Gas, the news of Hollywood buying the rights to his show came with mixed emotions as filming began Tuesday. Considered a comic genius by much of Saskatchewan, and parts of Alberta and Manitoba, the burly Butt has now handed off his career-defining project to an American consortium.

“I have no creative control over the project at all,” admitted Butt in a drugged stupor that the Sage induced with a roofie. “I hope those Americans aren’t going to ruin it. Somehow I don’t see them keeping the original concepts given that they got Brad Pit to play me and Nicole Kidman to be Lacey. Apparently, the sex scene they’ve written is hotter than habanero pepper. CTV axed the one I’d written for the TV show. Wouldn’t even consider it without a body-double, they said."

The producers of the movie, according to Butt, gave him a huge amount of money for the property but claimed not to have seen a single episode. They are moving the setting from “Dog River”, Saskatchewan, to Los Angeles. Instead of running a gas bar, “Brent Leroy” is one man alone against a corrupt system trying to prove his innocence and find the real murderers who killed his family. The budget for the blockbuster is set at $80 million.

“Why they need so much money to make the movie, I have no idea,” mumbled Butt. “With that kind of budget, I could make about three dozen CTV shows and still have enough for the network people who don’t really do anything.”

Photo: Some Rights Reserved by Brenda_H_Lee   flickr photostream, The Sage nor this article endorsed. Original picture here.

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