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Star Trek Fans Have Higher IQs Than Average Humans

Photo: "Their superior intelligence is obvious."

(SNN) - Researchers at the University of California (Squirrel Mountain Valley) Department of We’ll Study What We Damn Well Please, have revealed that followers of the famed TV franchise, Star Trek, have significantly higher intelligence statistics than the bell curve pattern of the general population.  The study was published in the respected scientific journal, Science and Crap, just last Friday; but the research has caused a wave of visceral smugness throughout the geek/nerd sci-fi, sci-fan, poli-sci and sci is but a sci communities.

“Oh my…. We friggin’ rock, man,” claimed one Star Trek aficionado who would only identify themselves as George Takei, even though it was obvious she wasn’t.  “Of course we’re smarter. We foresaw such things as iPads and cell phones and bad acting. Okay, maybe it was Roddenberry that foresaw that stuff, but we were smart enough to buy into it.”

Lead researcher, Dr. Wanda Foxay, was surprised by the result, but sticks by the data.

“We have sifted through the raw numbers every way imaginable to find the statistical error, but it isn't there,” claimed Foxay. “The data is as solid and reliable as Mr. Data on the Next Generation series. Big, strong Mr. Data, functional in all ways human, as only Tasha knows, God rest her soul.”

Everyone in the scientific community was too busy to respond to our calls.

Photo: Some rights reserved Amy Guth  flickr photostream, The Sage nor this article endorsed.

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