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Genitalia Thefts are on a Rise in African Nations

Police have determined it is not a case of mass Koro hysteria

(SNN) - A sudden outbreak of genitalia thefts, reported by officials in Nigeria, Cameroon, Ghana and Senegal, have the authorities issuing an Amber Alert in those countries. “The first reports of a gentleman's sausage being stolen were issued in Nigeria; and we now have a string of identical thefts occurring in Cameroon and Ghana,” advised Sesan Ogunfowora, spokesperson for the Nigeria Police Force. “At first, we believed that the complaints where just another string of social hysteria, caused by someone's juju being taken; but upon closer inspection we confirmed the reports.”

The belief, or social stigma, of ones genitalia disappearing is known as Koro. Koro is the social disorder that originated in Nigeria, where it is believed that someone can steal a person's genitals by rubbing up against them. First experienced in the 1970s, this social disorder is responsible for mob lynchings of suspected genitalia thieves. “We experience this mass hysteria in the region from time to time,” advised Ogunfowora. “However, upon closer examination of our first victim, we discovered that his gentleman's sausage had been taken. This is not a case of mass Koro.”

Crime scene Investigators discovered several clues to indicate that more than one person had committed the theft. “No less than twenty officers pounded the crime scene for clues,” advised Ogunfowora. “The Neighbourhood was surveyed and we discovered that several people in the area had their genitals stolen during the night.”

The Sage learned that police recovered one stolen unit abandoned in a nearby park. “It had been beaten pretty bad,” advised Ogunfowora. “The frame was bent and the down tube was twisted,” Ogunfowora added, “The culprit rode it pretty hard before abandoning it.”

The authorities have advised that genitalia theft is rampant in both Nigeria and Ghana and police are overtasked looking for these parts in bushes, parks and alleyways. “We have recovered a few shvantzs, but it would make it so much easier if people would just mark their genitals,” advised Ogunfowora.

Currently, the police in Nigeria operate a crime prevention program called Operation Identification, whereby the police provide a database allowing a man to register, mark and photograph their privates. “We provide men with electric engravers to mark their units with a drivers licence, so in the event we recover it somewhere we can quickly return it to the rightful owner,” advised Ogunfowora.

“You have no idea how may tallywhackers we recover each year and how many are left unclaimed! The property rooms of every police station are packed with men's genitalia hanging from the rafters,” Ogunfowora explained. “Once every twelve months we hold auctions to sell off the unclaimed units and donate the proceeds to charities,” Ogunfowora added, “It's always a big event.”

Photo: Some rights reserved by S Martin flickr photostream, The Sage nor this article endorsed.

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