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Alberta Introduces Barbless Bowfishing in the New Year

New Regulations will encourage catch and release in bowfishing.

(SNN) – The Province of Alberta has taken a broad step in increasing the conservation of Alberta fish and at the same time will encourage more people to partake in sport fishing. “New Regulations will be introduced in the new year that will allow Bow Fisherman to practice catch and release,” announced Robin Campbell, Minister of Environment and Sustainable Resource Development.

“Under the Alberta's Fish Conservation Strategy we introduced the barbless hook in 2004; and in 2014 we will be introducing regulations that will require people bowfishing to use barbless arrows,” advise Minister Campbell.

“The standard bowfishing arrow is destructive and actually injures the fish,” advised Campbell. “Going barbless is humane and Alberta will lead Canada into introducing a 'Fish Friendly Arrow' into sport fishing.

Pressures from Animal Justice Canada, an animal conversation organization, has forced Alberta to make all bowfishing 'fish friendly.' “Our mandate is to advance public knowledge of animal practices and prevent the abuse and killing of animals through the enforcement of existing laws,” stated Curieux Pêcheur, spokesperson for the A.J.C. “We pushed for Alberta to take drastic steps against bowfishing in that province,” advised Pêcheur. “The Barbless arrow is what the political brain trust in Alberta came up with.”

In the past Anglers where only allowed to bowfish for rough fish such as suckers and bottom feeders. Due to the terminal nature of the bowfishing arrow, sport fish such as trout, whitefish, grayling, sturgeon, walleye, perch and northern pike were protected. “I am happy to report that since barbless arrows will be enforced and catch and release practiced, Albertans can now bowfish for all species,” advised Campbell.

The move to add all species of fish into the sport of bowfishing will encourage more Albertans to get out and fish.

“Yes sir, Alberta is rightly enlightened when it comes to conservation and the environment,” advised Campbell. “This move will encourage more people to get out, enjoy the great outdoors and teach young anglers the importance of protecting Alberta's resources.” 

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