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Edward Snowden Addresses Government Invasion of Privacy

VIDEO: A Christmas Message and a Warning

(SNN)For the first time since Edward Snowden fled the United States, the public was treated to a rare moment when he addressed the issues of privacy invasion publicly. On Christmas Day, Snowden delivered a unique Christmas message on the UK's channel 4 TV station. Fitting the moniker Snowden has earned as the NSA leaker, a shortened version of the speech was leaked on YouTube before the broadcast was made.

The initial upload was blocked, but not before people began to re-upload the clip which was made available on several video hosting servers. The Sage has obtained a copy of the video.

The above video is currently being served by Vimeo. In the event this link is taken away, please contact The Sage directly and we will upload a new copy.


Photo & Video: A Christmas Message From Edward Snowden from Gendo on Vimeo.

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