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Startling Image from the Chang'e-3 Lunar Lander has China's scientists puzzled

Image: Appears to show ancient ruins on the surface of the moon

(SNN) – On its tenth day of exploration conducted by the Chang’e-3 Robotic Spacecraft, Xichang Satellite Launch Center has released images from the edge of Mare Imbrium, which was reported to be a cluster of craters. The images have scientists in China startled, and other professionals from other countries turning skeptic. “What we are seeing is a wide focal image of the inside of what we believed to be a crater,” advised Chow Ming Gau, Astronomer from the Ganamede China Observatory. “What has us puzzled is that the image could be interpreted as man-made ruins of an ancient community.” Gau was quick to add, “But we know that to be impossible.”

Examination of one photo circulating on the internet, shows what looks like constructed stone walls. The image does not appear to be of random or organic formations, but rather “...deliberate lines, showing geometric construct,” added Gau.

In 2010, China obtained Topographical data of the lunar surface from the Chang'e-2 spacecraft mission, which had identified the future landing site for Chang'e-3. The site chosen was supposed to be a region known as Sinus Iridium. However on December 14th the lander actually descended on Mare Imbrium, about 40 km south. “Finding this odd formation on the moon was purely by accident,” advised Gau. “We really don't know what to make of it at this moment.”

Former NASA adviser Ricard C. Hogland is reported to be looking into the possibility of the images actually supporting his theory that the moon was once occupied by intelligent beings. However, Hogland was not available for comment at this time.

“Until we learn more, we will not speculate,” advised Gau. “It is more likely that the formations are just a trick of shadows and are nothing more than rubble.”

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