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Extreme Turducken Hottest Entree For Holiday Dining

Photo: Pre-Soak Water Buffalo for Quicker Prep Time

(SNN) - According to online foodie magazine Gastronomy Today, the trendiest dish for impressing dinner guests is “extreme turducken”. Regular turducken is, of course, a deboned Cornish game hen stuffed into a deboned duck which is then stuffed into a deboned turkey before the whole mass of fowl flesh is roasted until cooked through; about two days in a moderate oven. Deboned poultry is used as they are much easier to catch.

Extreme turducken, however, goes a few steps beyond the now run of the mill offering. In the extreme recipe, the turducken is prepared as usual, and then is stuffed into a deboned goat which is then stuffed into a deboned water buffalo. You can substitute musk ox for the water buffalo if your favorite meat department is out. The Canadian version uses moose instead of the buffalo because they outnumber people and water buffalo sightings are rare.

The dish is then baked for the entire period of Saturnalia; from Dec 17th to 25th, much like many Saturnalia revelers. If oven space is a problem, some people have smuggled it into the sauna at the Y for the duration. If anything, the result is even moister. The long cooking time makes it piping hot and ready to serve for the big Christmas feast.

This recipe serves a small town for an entire winter. Each four ounce serving is 12840 calories. Details available at http//www.neverbelieve  Enter to win a water buffalo! (Or musk ox, depending on availability.)

Contest not available to Quebec residents, although moose are.

Photo by Choo Yut Shing  flickr photostream, Some Rights Reserved, The Sage nor this article endorsed

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